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River Song Changes Fixed Point In Time | The Wedding of River Song | Doctor Who | BBC

Doctor Who
7 years ago

As shown in The Impossible Astronaut , the Doctor joins his friends at Lake Silencio and then approaches the astronaut , River ...

Nasa Astronaut Returns With Chilling Information About Earth

1 year ago

When Nasa Astronaut Gordon Cooper went in to space almost 40 years ago, no one was prepared for the unsolved mystery he'd ...

Terrifying Space Stories From Astronauts

Sci Fives
4 years ago

What happens when things go wrong in space? What about the things that you see up there that no one is really able to ...

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Reviews Space Movies, from 'Gravity' to 'Interstellar' | Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair
1 year ago

Retired astronaut and engineer Chris Hadfield fact checks notable space movies using his NASA experience and vast knowledge ...

What It Takes To Become An Astronaut

Tech Insider
2 years ago

NASA astronauts have one of the coolest jobs out there: The job that lets you work in space. But getting to that point in your career ...

Glass and Bone | Critical Role: VOX MACHINA | Episode 8

Geek & Sundry
5 years ago

Vox Machina struggles to survive after their battle with the Duergar King and Queen, our heroes broken and battered. Tiberius and ...

Top 10 Saddest Space Flight Disasters
4 years ago

Unfortunately, there have been a number of horrific disasters of the space program. Between the explosions of the Challenge and ...

Impact of Deep Space Radiation on Cognitive Performance

University of California Television (UCTV)
1 week ago

Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) penetrate the hull of spacecraft and cause physiological changes to those within. Susanna Rosi ...

Why You Could Never Be An Astronaut

The Infographics Show
2 years ago


Former NASA Astronaut Explains How Hygiene Is Different in Space | WIRED

1 year ago

What's different about hygiene in space? Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino breaks down all the differences between using ...

Astronaut ice cream is a lie

5 years ago

Astronaut ice cream, space ice cream, a freeze-dried mistake: whatever you call it, you've probably eaten astronaut ice cream as a ...

Former NASA Astronaut Explains How Food Is Different in Space | WIRED

1 year ago

What's different about food in space? Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino breaks down all the differences between eating on ...

Down to Earth: The Astronaut’s Perspective

4 months ago

Ever wonder what it's like to see our planet from space? NASA's astronauts will take you on a journey to the International Space ...

NASA Astronaut Breaks Down 16 Space Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

1 year ago

NASA astronaut Nicole Stott returns to examine more scenes depicting space from movies and television. Do space stations really ...

NASA Astronaut On Space Station: We're Watching 'Breaking Bad' (VIDEO) | Larry King Now | Ora.TV

Larry King
5 years ago

Even astronauts in space need some down time? astronaut Scott Kelly reveals that he and his NASA colleague, Kjell Lindgen, ...

Remembering Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins | 60 Minutes Australia

60 Minutes Australia
5 days ago

While Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin dominate our memories of the first moon landing, there's a third astronaut who deserves his ...

NASA Astronauts Return to Earth, Splashdown on SpaceX Dragon Endeavour

Streamed 9 months ago

After 62 days in space, approximately 1024 orbits around our planet and four spacewalks, our #LaunchAmerica crew members ...

Real Astronaut Rates Unrealistic Space Movie Scenes | How Real Is It?

1 year ago

Hollywood loves making movies set in outer space. But how does the actual science in these films measure up? Garrett Reisman ...